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Shop award-winning exclusive niche perfume from Ancienne Ambiance

“There’s a fragrance here for every time of day and every occasion” – Patricia Davidson,

“A unisex scent collection and so open for all to wear; it will lift your spirits, lift your heart and you will smell of course fantastic” –

“Everyone will stop you just to ask what you’re wearing: trust us, we know from experience.” –

“Spritz this on your hairbrush, brush through your hair and let it take you everywhere, from a weekday dinner in London to a long weekend in Ibiza.” – Fiona Klonarides,

If you love haute parfumerie or are in search of fragrances that are unlike any others you’ve experienced before – truly unique, original and exclusive – it’s time you introduced yourself to our award-winning niche fragrances.

Produced by hand in limited quantities in France, Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Fragrances stay true to the origins of niche perfumery – using the finest ingredients and offering an olfactive journey with natural distinctive character.

Exclusively available at Ancienne Ambiance, each 100ml glass column bottle comes beautifully presented in a signature hand-crafted luxury gift box which is made in the UK.

Step back in time and let your senses come alive…

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