Ancient Heritage, Modern Luxury

Your journey to antiquity starts here, step back in time and let your senses come alive…

Ancienne Ambiance is a London-based luxury niche brand inspired by antiquityConceived from its founder‘s family heritage specialising in rare ancient art and antiquities, it was founded in 2004. Ancienne Ambiance began online with a collection of ancient themed beautifully hand-poured luxury scented candles with fine fragrances and jewellery incorporating ancient artefacts.

Family-run, the brand has since expanded as a treasury of home accessories and luxury gifts, opening its flagship boutique in 2014 (located at the prestigious Chelsea Green, in the heart of Chelsea). The luxury perfumery offers a variety of award-winning scented treats such as luxury home fragrances, niche perfumes and beauty products, including soap sets and aromatherapy bath oils – all lovingly packaged in iconic Ancienne Ambiance purple hand-crafted gift boxes.

Why purple? Ancienne Ambiance’s signature colour was highly prized in antiquity and first created around 3500 years ago. From the ancient Phoenicians and Persians to the Romans, Tyrian/Phoenician purple was so costly and exceedingly rare to produce it became worth its weight in gold… earning its royal and imperial reputation.

Producing the finest quality handmade luxury goods in the UK, France and Italy, Ancienne Ambiance embeds sustainable and ethical practices throughout its business model, paraben-free quality ingredients, no testing on animals and recyclable packaging.

Clients and fans are worldwide…

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“We are proud to award Ancienne Ambiance with the Butterfly Mark for their natural, timeless and high quality craftsmanship embodying the values of Positive Luxury.”  Positive Luxury