Luxury Soaps & Soap Sets

Elegant classic soap bars make such a stylish gift. Softening and soothing, Ancienne Ambiance luxury Soap bars are infused with shea butter for a smoothing lather and won’t strip the skin or cause dryness.

Full of pure Goddess goodness only – to cleanse, nourish and moisturise the skin – each soap bar is free from parabens and created with a touch of fine fragrance. Made the old fashioned way, following traditional techniques from Marseille in France.

Prescribed in ancient times for carrying away impurities from the body, it is thought that soap production dates back to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon, with the first known formula for soap written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC. It was said that soap was first discovered by washer women who did laundry in the Tiber River at the base of Sapo Hill in Rome. The word ‘sapo’ (Latin for soap) was first recorded by Roman author Pliny circa AD 77–79.

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In-Store Exclusive:  Soap Bars sold individually at our Chelsea boutique. Create bespoke soap sets in-store for that special someone…

“These luxury soaps are guaranteed to leave you and your home smelling super!” – Rebecca Goodyear,

“Nothing beats a glorious bar of soap to gently cleanse the skin and we love these shea butter enriched beauties, inspired by ancient pampering” –

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