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brand values

Award-winning fine fragrances and luxury scented candles

Transport yourself to a place of glamorous escape...

Inspired by scents from antiquity, explore the artistry and craftsmanship behind Ancienne Ambiance Candles and fine fragrance goods.

Brand Story

our heritage

London-based, with a flagship store in the heart of Chelsea, Ancienne Ambiance is a luxury lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient world

Specialising in hand-poured luxury scented candles, niche perfumes, luxurious bath and body products, statement jewellery and lifestyle accessories, Ancienne Ambiance lets you indulge in exquisite luxuries that just can't be found anywhere else.

Conceived from a passion for fragrance and five generations of family heritage in ancient art and ancient jewellery, Ancienne Ambiance was founded online in 2004 and expanded in 2014 with a flagship London boutique in the heart of Chelsea.

With unprecedented access to stunning antiquities and museum-worthy fine jewellery, family-run Ancienne Ambiance produces the finest quality luxury lifestyle goods exclusively in the UK, France, Lebanon and Italy.

Ancienne Ambiance embeds sustainable and ethical practices throughout its business model, including no testing on animals and use of recyclable packaging...

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Ancient Heritage, Modern Luxury

With absolute attention to detail from start to finish and dedicated to providing the most bespoke services in luxury shopping in-store and online, the team is just a visit or click away.

Discover award-winning scented treats, lovingly handcrafted to the highest standards, from luxury home fragrances to body products including soap sets, bath salts and aromatherapy bath oils - all perfectly packaged in iconic Ancienne Ambiance purple hand-crafted gift boxes.

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