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The Signature Perfume Wardrobe

Do you have a favourite signature perfume or can’t decide between a couple of fragrance blends? Your tastes may differ between seasons or times in your life and some scents seem more appropriate to different situations.

Signature Perfume for Women – Find a New Perfume

Scents can be strongly associated with special times, such as your wedding day or a holiday, party or significant life stage. Just as you fancy wearing different clothes on different days, the same can be said about scent. The answer is- putting together a collection of colognes, top perfumes, and build up a perfume wardrobe to choose between.

As explored in the Antiquity part of our Ancienne Ambiance site, fragrance dates back to the ancient world and its history lies in remedial and cosmetic use. Each individual ancient culture created their own fragrance combinations, looking to essential oils and floral waters.

Signature Perfume - Choosing a Perfume | Fragrance Finder

Choosing a new perfume

The Perfume Society highlights discovering a collection of top perfumes and scents rather than restricting yourself to just one or two; offering discovery boxes to explore. Their site is a destination to become acquainted with information about perfume houses aplenty, as well as learning why certain fragrance families work together.

Ancienne Ambiance specialise in niche perfumery which is both indulgent and utterly divine. When I first discovered the brand, my passion for AA was quickly lit, as I sampled their tempting scents. Limited quantities are produced by hand in France and high quality is key- the entire process involves using only the finest ingredients.

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Signature Perfume - Choosing a Perfume | Fragrance Finder

Beautifully detailed, the 100ml glass column bottles arrive presented in a signature hand-crafted luxury gift box which is made in the UK.

Which perfume is for me?

Gold Colonia Collection fragrances, bring exciting updated offerings for your perfume wardrobe lust-list. Decadently dressed with gold and black labelling, these bottles are niche fragrance beauties to behold. They will sit pretty on your dressing table and offer style and substance in the scent department.

Signature Perfume - Choosing a Perfume | Fragrance Finder

Within the Gold Colonia scents available you will find eau de parfum and eau de toilette, depending on your preference. The eau de toilette is defined by vertical black framing, so you are able to immediately tell the difference between the two.

The Gold Colonia Collection includes: IV Eau de Toilette, VI Eau de Toilette, VII Eau de Toilette, VIII Eau de Parfum, IX Eau de Parfum (with Limited Edition Mini Fragrance Discovery Sets made available at selected times in the year).

Gold Colonia VIII 100ml | Signature Perfume - Choosing a Perfume | Fragrance Finder

Amongst my favourites are the refreshing Colonia VIII scents, showcasing fig, green notes and sandalwood. Ideal to take you through Spring and into Summer, it fits into the warmer day section of my perfume wardrobe.

Gold Colonia IV 100ml | Signature Perfume

An oriental pick, Colonia IX is exotic and glam, ideal for evenings out and luxe events- cedar and sandalwood will bring many a dressed up outfit come to life. The citrus Colonia IV evokes revitalising scent, when you need a little lift. Colonia VII is fruity fresh, ensuring a Summery mood whatever the weather.

Collect a scent selection to propel your spirits, complement clothing and most importantly of all, make you feel good.


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