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The best home fragrance for Winter?

Cosy Autumn Winter Candles…

Try scent pairing our award-winning luxury scented candles

This season we recommend you try Romana and Phoenicia.  Enjoy them individually or light together for the perfect combination of chic home fragrance with a je ne sais quoi !

Phoenicia Cedar Candle: Imagine freshly cut cedar-wood blended with fresh herbs, inspired by the ancient Cedars of Lebanon, Phoenicia is an inspiring scented candle – uplifting, warm and perfect for a cozy ambience.

Romana Amber Candle: A dry and soft aromatic amber, inspired by Ambergris fragrances loved by luxuriously self-indulgent ancient Romans, Romana is a sublimely sensual and comforting home fragrance.

Burn Your Candles Like A Pro

Make the most of your scented candles, follow our Candle Tips here

“Ancienne Ambiance makes incredible luxury scented candles with authentic fragrances. I have them everywhere” – Plum Sykes, VOGUE

“You will love the decadent feel of this deluxe candle brand” –

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