Eau de Toilette

If you’re looking for haute parfumerie Eau de Toilettes that are unlike any others you’ve experienced before – truly unique, original and exclusive – it’s time you introduced yourself to our award-winning niche fragrances.

Ancienne Ambiance Fragrances stay true to the origins of niche perfumery – produced by hand in limited quantities in France, using the finest ingredients and offering a natural distinctive character.

Exclusively available at Ancienne Ambiance, each 100ml glass column bottle comes beautifully presented in a signature hand-crafted luxury gift box which is made in the UK.

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“There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer a lighter, fruitier scent, or something a little muskier and sexier” – Sam Hadadi, IAmIntoThis.com

“Impossible to choose a fave. The Colonia Collection is uplifting, elegant and luxurious- ideal if you’re a fragrance fanatic” – Helen Wilson-Beevers, BeautyStylus.com

“The fragrances definitely veer more towards the fruity and citrus style but don’t let that fool you into thinking that these are just fruity floral offerings. Within the range you have a classic hesperidic unisex cologne in Colonia Four, a mouthwatering grapefruit and blood orange pairing within Colonia Seven.” – StephanMatthews.com

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