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What scents should you introduce into your home this Summer?

Transform Summer bbqs into something truly chic, or just light one of our award-winning candles, close your eyes and pretend you’re on holiday !

The ancients would burn incense to create a certain ambience for meditation, evoking the presence of gods and religious rituals. That is now renewed in the lighting of a candle. Ancienne Ambiance recreates authentic aromas by blending the finest natural exclusive niche fragrances (formulated in France) according to recipes from antiquity.

Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Candles come beautifully presented in hand-crafted luxurious gift boxes that are made in the UK. Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance (which lasts the whole way through) each candle is hand-poured in the UK using a slow burning natural wax blend and lead-free wick.

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“Ancienne Ambiance makes incredible luxury scented candles with authentic fragrances. I have them everywhere – in the bedroom, in the sitting room. If I’m going to my office, I’ll take one in with me as I love the smell when I’m working.” – Plum Sykes, VOGUE

“Natural hand-poured luxury scented candles don’t come much better than Ancienne Ambiance” –

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