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Luxury Hand Wash & Lotion Sets…

Add a touch of luxury to your home with an elegant Hand Wash & Lotion Set.

Cleanse, moisturise and protect your hands with our decadent hand wash. A stylish detail to any home, these luxury liquid hand soaps will sit beautifully in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Skincare delights to indulge the senses, impress guests and offer as cherished gifts, Ancienne Ambiance Hand & Body Wash are full of vitamins to luxuriously cleanse and moisturise the skin in one go.

Made the old fashioned way, following traditional techniques from Marseille in France, each liquid soap cleanses the skin perfectly and even without the presence of SLS they lather beautifully.

Prescribed in ancient times for carrying away impurities from the body, it is thought that soap production dates back to around 2800 BC in ancient Babylon. The word ‘sapo’ (Latin for soap) was first recorded by Roman author Pliny circa AD 77–79 and the first known formula for soap was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC.

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“A small slice of luxury ideal for daily use” –, ‘Best Vegan Beauty & Skincare Buys’

“A truly pampering experience, even when just washing your hands!” –Rebecca Goodyear, Biteable Beauty


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