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The Best Candle Accessories

Shop the finest candle accessories to enhance your whole candle experience at Ancienne Ambiance.

Take care of your favourite Ancienne Ambiance candles in style by having the finest accessories to hand.

The elegant Ancienne Ambiance wick trimmer is designed to help optimum burning, whilst the beautifully polished Ancienne Ambiance candle lid protects the quality wax from dust and preserves candle scent. 

New Casa Collection: hand painted 18K gold-plated porcelain tealight candle holders

The CASA Collection Tealight Holders: Designed in collaboration with renowned porcelain producer Dalal Bakhos, the Ancienne Ambiance CASA (“home” in Italian) porcelain collection is crafted in Beirut, Lebanon. Intricately painted by hand and 18k gold-plated, each piece brings a stylish touch to your home with design-led detailing that takes inspiration from ancient geometric designs.

The Ancienne Ambiance CASA Collection of luxury porcelain tableware offers luxurious one-off pieces that are gorgeous for gifting and beautifying your own home in equal measures.