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Discover limited edition embroidered t-shirts by MELISSA

Elevating the humble T-shirt to new heights, these beautifully embroidered T-shirts are ideal for both lounging around the house and dressed-down tailoring.

A glamorous T-shirt collection expertly crafted from premium quality soft cotton with inspirational embroidered designs, style yours with your favourite sweats, denim or a pleated skirt to complete your look.

ancienne ambiance - melissa wear your heart - embroidery tshirt - love always wins tshirt backAbout MELISSA: Founded in 2017 by Lebanese designer Melissa Bakhos, MELISSA Wear Your Heart is a sophisticated label showcasing stunning embroidered designs, produced in limited quantities at Melissa's atelier in Beirut, Lebanon.

Full of energy and style, there’s a bit of humour and inspiration in every MELISSA Wear Your Heart creation, with a focus on high quality fabric and craftsmanship. The core concept lies in the message behind the beautiful embroidery: the front side holds a bold statement while the back reveals an illustration complementing the statement.

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