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Ancienne Ambiance Luxury Shawls

Luxurious Cashmere Blend Shawls and Scarves

Ancienne Ambiance cashmere blend shawls and scarves are maxi size 140 x 140cm square. Perfect for enveloping yourself in softness and warmth in Autumn Winter, come Spring Summer they also become the ideal cover-up or sarong. Lightweight and easy to wear, Ancienne Ambiance modal-cashmere shawls add cheer to seasonal looks and encapsulate femininity.

Exquisitely crafted in Como, Italy, Ancienne Ambiance sumptuous modal and cashmere blend scarves are made in limited quantities, hemmed and packaged by hand. Printed in a variety of chic prints, each Ancienne Ambiance Shawl is inspired by Ancient mosaics and geometric shapes from antiquity.

Partnering with accomplished Italian textile designer Rosella Ramanzini, Ancienne Ambiance Scarves are the perfect blend of artistry and brand vision with exceptional craftsmanship.

An extension of the Ancienne Ambiance commitment to bringing outstanding quality and finish, Ancienne Ambiance Scarves are among the finest to be found in the world.

A pop of colour, a touch of history and a whole lot of Goddess style for all seasons, Ancienne Ambiance Scarves are timeless accessories.

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