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Beauty Bags & Accessories

Explore Limited Edition Embroidered Luxury Beauty Bags

Ancienne Ambiance X M E L I S S A - Goddess Vibes Collection is a Goddess gorgeous collection of beautifully embroidered accessories. First launched in SS2020 as a limited edition collection of versatile beauty bags, latest additions include luxurious Home Spa Towelling pieces.

About MELISSA: Founded in 2017 by Lebanese designer Melissa Bakhos, M E L I S S A Wear Your Heart is a sophisticated label focused on inspirational embroidery designs, premium quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship.
Design With Meaning and Craftsmanship

Discover a hand-picked selection of limited edition soft cotton t-shirts from M E L I S S A at Ancienne Ambiance.

The capsule collection of beautifully embroidered t-shirts for women and versatile pouch bags celebrates luxury craftsmanship and style, with each creation produced in limited quantities at the MELISSA atelier in Beirut, Lebanon.

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