Phoenicia & Romana Scent Pairing Candle Set


Scent-Pairing Candles Gift Set

Burning Time each: 60-65 hours

Phoenicia Olfactive Family: Warm/Woody

Romana Olfactive Family: Soft Oriental

Cosy essentials for candle lovers, this superb gift set includes complementary fragrances to transform your space into a place of scent-sational escape.

Available for a limited time only – Autumn Winter 2020

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Cedar Scent Pairing Candle Gift Set | Amber Christmas Candles

Luxe at home essentials, enjoy scent pairing hand-poured Ancienne Ambiance luxury scented candles in your home this holiday season. As recommened by Vogue.

Editor’s Notes: Christmas and the festive season is the best time of all for filling your home with beautiful candles. Enjoy burning these candles together for a sumptuous home fragrance combination. Each with a burn time of 60-65 hours, enjoy long lasting indulgence, elegance and scent-sational delight aplenty.

Classic Scent Pairing Candle Gift Set

A sparkling new gift for the festive season, this exclusive red gift boxed set is available for a limited time only.  Complete with complementary scent-pairing candle favourites, it is the perfect treat for yourself or someone special.

Gift Set Contents

Phoenicia Cedar Candle 200g:  An inspiring scent which is uplifting and warm, perfect for a cozy ambience. A little history… A fragrance of freshly cut cedar-wood blended with fresh herbs, Phoenicia evokes the lovely aromas found in the forest of Becharreh, in Lebanon, home to the oldest cedar trees in the world. The Phoenicians believed the wood of the glorious cedars to be the sacred wood of the gods and used it to honour their ancestors, a task to which the ancient orient attached deep importance. The cedar tree was also thought to be an emblem of prosperity.


Romana Amber Candle 200g:  A powder-like scent with sensual and comforting effects. A little history…A dry and soft aromatic, this fragrance has natural amber tones with powerful diffusive character. Ambergris resin was favoured by Roman Emperors and was considered rare and costly, found cast upon the seashore. The trade of fragrance created an incredible frenzy in Rome, and the Romans used it with indulgence. Rome became the centre for perfumers who supplied the entire society including senators and mayors, with divine blends of amber scents.


Product Information:  

Ancienne Ambiance luxury scented candles come perfectly presented in hand-crafted luxurious gift boxes made in the United Kingdom. Thoroughly delicious and full of fragrance (which lasts the whole way through), each candle is hand-poured in the UK using traditional techniques, special slow burning wax blend and lead-free wick. At the base of each candle you’ll find a fragrance heritage story detailing its ancient roots, along with candle burning tips.

Presented in limited edition red gift box with signature purple ribbons and scented tissue papers.

Production:  Made in the UK

Mosaic Homage:  Ancienne Ambiance Candle labels pay homage to the beautiful artistry of ancient Roman mosaics, taking inspiration from ancient motifs found in some of the most well known mosaics of the Roman Empire.

Mosaics have been used to decorate floors, walls and precious objects since before written records began. From ancient Mesopotamia to Mesoamerica, mosaics not only reveal the artistry of civilisations, but also provide an invaluable insight into what ancient people wore, ate and looked like. Known to the Romans as opus tessellatum, their mosaics were often made with very small squares, some as little as 1 mm in size and were initially heavily influenced by the Greek sea motifs and scenes from mythology.


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“Hand-poured luxury scented candles don’t come much better than Ancienne Ambiance’s, which is why they are firm favourites of the top beauty editors.” –


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