Perfect Gems From Jeweller Claire van Holthe

Interview: Claire van Holthe

We had the pleasure of catching up with Claire van Holthe, London based Dutch jewellery designer, to find out what she is currently working on and more.

Claire, whose jewellery has featured on the pages of Vogue, Tatler, Daily Mail and Sunday Times Style, developed her skills at the prestigious Sir John Cass College of Art.

What kind of jewellery are you working on at the moment?

I’m making lots of statement earrings, gearing up for the Summer. Bright colours… turquoise and pink sapphires are a particular favourite at the moment. 

Where are you finding inspiration from?

The stones are always the jumping off point for me. I try and find interesting and unique stones.

Claire van Holthe Jewellery

What tips do you have for wearing jewellery?

Keep on layering! I love stacking rings and wearing several delicate necklaces at the same time.

What advice would you give for selecting jewellery pieces when buying?

It has to be LOVE at first sight. Other than that, I like to buy unique designer pieces or antique/ancient jewellery. I think it’s important to trust the person you are buying from. If the price feels too low it probably isn’t what you are being told it is. For example, emeralds as a rule are expensive so if it’s too affordable it probably isn’t real. 

What are your favourite fragrances to wear?

Ancienne Ambiance fig (Colonia VIII) of course!

Colonia VIII 100ml

Do you have a favourite product from Ancienne Ambiance?

Yes, I absolutely adore the Goddess Oil. I use it every night on my face.

Goddess Argan Beauty Oil

Discover hand-picked items by Claire van Holthe, available exclusively online at Ancienne Ambiance, here.

Claire’s passion for natural coloured gems was truly fired up after having worked for a gem dealer sourcing stones from around the world and she now strives to find and collect the best quality specimens the Earth has to offer.

Her handmade designs are feminine, delicate and respectfully keep in mind the natural power and beauty of the stones. It is their cut and colour which interest her most; she lets the stones speak for themselves and designs around their natural beauty.

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Claire van Holthe Jewellery

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