Wellbeing: Bathing Rituals and Artisan Soaps

Luxurious Bathing Rituals and Stylish Scented Soaps:

The simplest route to soaking up a slice of luxury is running yourself a bath, before sinking into the bubbles. An ancient ritual which goes back several centuries, bathing can be the most indulgent pastime which incorporates all of your favourite beauty products too.

I love to lock the door on the world, grab my favourite book or magazine and just be. From dipping that first toe in to letting the hot water wash over me, the entire process conjures up calming comfort and a bit of extravagance depending on the goodies poured in.

During pregnancy I was even known to enjoy a bath more than once daily. A bath to me is a place of sanctuary for the body and soul. I can literally, let it all out: my skin, body and any emotional turmoil to boot. Clearing your head in the bath somehow feels profound and restorative.

Bath oils and bubble baths are of course associated with bathing, and can transport you to a place of peace, enabling an escape from the everyday chaos. Another accompanying bathing product; soaps also signifying a timeless sense of relaxation. There is something supremely stylish and elegant about lavish soaps. Soap-making began as an industry in the 1780s, when cleanliness became inextricably linked to respectability. A deluxe soap set in your bathroom may take pride of place, inviting you in for relaxing respite at the end of a busy day.

Luxe alabaster bathtubs were found to have been used in ancient Greece, while the Romans are well known for their public baths. Ancient artefacts are often found to be emblazoned with images of figures bathing.

Luxury Soap Gift Set - Goddess Soap Collection

With the primary purpose of cleansing, ancient cultures embraced a bath’s decadent tones in addition; leading us up to the wellbeing experience bathing can be today. Water is known for being therapeutic, and I think this must represent a part of our bathing relaxation association. Hydrotherapy renowned for its healing uses, water can quite simply offer up a remedial space.

Amongst the beautiful new Ancienne Ambiance luxury soaps on offer are those entwined with signature style and fragrances. As a rose lover, I’d always plump for that scent, so the Damask Rose aromatherapy soap is right up my street. Talking of decorating the bathroom with deluxe soap sets, the black and gold AA branding depicted on each item is an interior showstopper for sure.

If you adore everything almond, I’d heartily suggest the soft nutty notes of Amandula Almond. For extra skincare nourishment, a Goddess Argan bar will soothe and soften, whilst Jasminum is a classic fragrance of elevating jasmine.

Luxury Soap Gift Sets and Bath time bliss

Lavendula Lavender Soap 100gGoddess Argan Luxury Soap Set

Ancienne Ambiance soaps are available in sets of four, with there also being a Goddess Soap Set comprising six luxury natural soaps from the Goddess range.

luxury ceramic soap dish

Stylish Storage and Luxury Soap Dishes

Shop a soap dish for stylish storage, or prop amongst other products in your bathroom. Whichever way you choose to display soap- any excuse for some optimum bathing potential is an ideal opportunity, if you ask me.

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Bathing Image: Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra 1963, 20th Century Fox


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