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Facial Sprays To Keep Cool:

Summer is finally here (hurray!) and it goes without saying that keeping cool in the heat is a top priority. Combine expert skincare with luxury, using hydrating Facial Sprays such as our Goddess Rose Water to help tired eyes, puffiness and other hot weather effects too. For keeping cool in the summer heat, look no further…

Goddess Floral Waters - Face Mists - Facial Sprays - Rose Water | Cool as a Cucumber with Face Mist Sprays


Whether you already use Facial Sprays to keep cool or are yet to try them, it’s vital to choose one which is soothing for your skin and organic. Ancienne Ambiance Goddess Waters fit the bill perfectly for soothing and cooling skincare, with Rose Water in particular a big favourite of mine. Side note: I love Rose so much that it’s my daughter’s middle name. Goddess Neroli Water is also a top skincare pick with its uplifting Orange Blossom scent. An instant mood booster, potent Orange Blossom is known for these replenishing qualities.

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Refreshing and revitalising, Goddess Waters can be used with a spray applicator (included), so they double up as a face and body mist. Hydrating, rejuvenating and a brightening lift, there’s no better time of year to sample these skincare staples.


Other current top beauty tips for keeping cool include the latest industry buzzword… wait for it… a beauty fridge.  You can easily snap up an affordable standard mini fridge to use or splash out on a designated beauty fridge. Both ideal for storing skincare essentials, they look pretty chic to boot.  You’ll be cool as a cucumber, applying chilled products (or a frozen eye-mask), especially on a warm day.

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Facial Mist that contains Rose Water – The Benefits explained

Extra refreshing too, spritz a Rose Water Spray, keeping cool in the summer heat. More than just a seasonal skin cooler, this beauty has tons of different properties. An extremely versatile beauty and skincare buy, 5 uses for Rose Water include:


  • Brightening and tightening skin, it makes a beautifully scented and softening skin toner. Sweep across your face after cleansing or spritz all over. You’ll feel awakened and ready to face the day.
  • Speaking of which, Rose Water is an excellent mood enhancer. Therapeutic and uplifting, it’s naturally healing as well.
  • Getting deep down into your skin, you’ll find it to be an efficient pore cleanser. A stimulant for the skin, this refreshing rose is brilliant for all skin types.
  • Invigorating and refreshing, you can also use Rose Water to soothe sunburnt skin, treat mild blemishes and help with irritation and reducing redness.
  • Last but not least, the mist assists in maintaining the skin’s PH balance, and this skincare magic wand has antibacterial qualities.


We’ve no doubt you’ll be as hooked as us on our Goddess Waters, products which are versatile and multi-faceted, undeniably luxurious and smell simply divine. And not just for your face, I spritz these mists on my wrists and body too. Cool down in style and soothe your complexion at the same time. Pop on over makeup for a pick-me-up on the move or use them to wind down after a busy day.


Helen Wilson-Beevers is a beauty editor and lifestyle writer (Glamour, Grazia). Follow Helen on Twitter or Instagram.

Helen Wilson-Beevers

Helen Wilson-Beevers






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