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Meet with Melissa Wear Your Heart:

We’re delighted to introduce you to extremely talented French-Lebanese designer Melissa Bakhos – founder of Melissa Wear Your Heart and our latest Ancienne Ambiance collaborator. Forever championing women in business, our pairing joins two brands founded by women. 

With it being Women’s History Month (International Women’s Day Sunday 8th March 2020), we’re celebrating women in style…

Strong is the new pretty

Embracing the Ancienne Ambiance philosophy to “celebrate the Goddess you are”, the collaboration collection of gorgeous Goddess Vibes Pouches aptly underlines this. Plus, Melissa’s luxury embroidered stunning t-shirt, Strong Is The New Pretty, could not be a better depiction of  feminist influence for International Women’s Day and beyond…


“Teaming-up with Melissa to create Ancienne Ambiance’s new accessories has been a lot of fun. This product development journey really took me back to my days in fashion. Melissa is so chic herself and naturally creative, attentive to detail etc and I love the quality of all her products. I’m so excited to work on future collections together” – Adriana Carlucci, Ancienne Ambiance founder >>


Celebrating International Women’s Day 2020

With our Three Graces Window currently taking pride of place in our London flagship, we like to celebrate women in style. The Three Graces (Aglaea “Radiance”, Euphrosyne “Joy” and Thalia “Elegance”) were goddesses from Greek mythology who personified charm, grace and beauty, associated with Aphrodite Goddess of love, Spring flowers and bestowers of beauty in all forms. Encapsulating the strength, dignity and power women possess, we adore showcasing this visual nod to the Goddess you are – on International Women’s Day and all other days of the year.

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All of the above in mind, we took five minutes to find out more about where Melissa Bakhos, based in Beirut, Lebanon, gathers her inspiration and how she became a designer…

What is the Melissa Wear Your Heart story?

I come from a hospitality background, but always wanted to work in fashion. After 10-years in high end hotels and restaurants between France and Beirut, it was time for a change. As a passionate casual wear fan, t-shirts are a huge part of my wardrobe. T-shirts are practical, comfy and stylish. You always have a classic and effortless charm going on when wearing a t-shirt (well, not just any t-shirt). So why not design my own?

international women's day - strong is the new pretty luxury tshirt - ancienne ambiance london - cotton embroidery tees

Where do you find the inspirations for your designs?

As simple as it is, here’s my philosophy- celebrate life! Life in all its beautiful blessings, positive spirits and expressive feelings.

Crafted in Beirut, Lebanon, my T-shirts celebrate life and allow people to align themselves with their approach to life by what they are wearing, communicating and sharing.

Who are your own favourite designers?

This is hard to answer, because the fashion industry is growing with new designers every day. Some of my favourite fashion designers are those who create something truly unique.

 Do you have a most-loved piece you’ve worked on so far?

My designs are a reflection of the mood I was in when they were created. I love all of them and relate to all of them. The best part is seeing how clients identify to them in the same way. My must-have design is definitely a V Neck T-shirt.

How did your collaboration with Ancienne Ambiance come about and which piece stands out for you within the collection?

I’ve known Adriana for quite some time. Last time she was visiting Beirut, we sat over a glass of wine and started talking about our respective brands, the idea came up naturally to start a collaboration between Ancienne Ambiance and Melissa.  Definitely the Goddess Vibes Lips Pouch stands out as the perfect blend of both our brands…

ancienne ambiance x melissa wear your heart goddess vibes pouches - lips bag - eye of horus bag - evil eye bags

What is your ideal day off- where do you go to relax and take some time out?

 It would need to be a warm day. In the Summertime you’d find me relaxing at the beach.

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International women's day - Melissa wear your heart x ancienne ambiance london - fashion accessories - goddess vibes pouches - embroidery t-shirts

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