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Burn Your Candles Like A Pro 

 – A gift for you or someone else, candles are one of the most enjoyable and affordable luxury items available to us all.

They are beautiful, evocative and infuse the home with colour and fragrance.

Candles create a special warmth and ambience to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing too, so make sure you make the most of them with our top tips…

1. When burning your candle for the first time, make sure it is lit for approximately two to three hours. This will form a good sized melting pool for maximum scent and creates the wax ‘memory’ for burning.

2. Thereafter keep the wick trimmed to around 1/4 inch.  Trimming the wick at regular intervals, or before each burn, will help consume the candle evenly and avoid damaging the glass by producing too high a flame.

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3. If the flame is too small, extinguish with a candle snuffer and carefully pour out excess wax.

4. Always extinguish with a candle snuffer, the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering.

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5. Burning times can be extended even further by storing your candles in a cool place prior to burning.

6. Allow the candle to solidify before relighting.

7. Always protect the surface on which the candle rests and ensure it is lit on an even surface, away from draughts.

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