New Ancient Egyptian Jewellery Collaboration with Claire van Holthe:

Ancient Egypt is a trend set to sweep Spring Summer 2019 and beyond, with Chanel’s pre-fall 2019 collection, Metier’s d’Art, heavily influenced by this exotic look. Balmain’s SS19 launch also pays homage to the intricate era, with a glamorous Ancient Egyptian revival theme. Think hieroglyphic print and Cleopatra eye makeup, alongside Eye Of Horus details.

Met Gala 2019 – Billy Porter nods to the Ancient Egypt trend

Beyonce has been known to be a big fan of the Ancient Egypt trend and Billy Porter just made the most fabulous entrance in Met Gala History shutting down the Met Gala 2019 red carpet when he arrived on a litter, carried by six shirtless men, in a theatrical nod to Ancient Egypt.

Billy Porter Met Gala Red Carpet 2019 | Ancient Egypt Trend

Billy Porter, Met Gala 2019

Introducing the Egyptian Revival Jewellery Collaboration 2019

So what better time to announce the exciting new Egyptian Revival Jewellery Collaboration with incredible resident Ancienne Ambiance jewellery designer, Claire van Holthe. Of course, the Ancient Egyptian theme is an integral part of the Ancienne Ambiance brand heritage and vision already, with our pyramid logo and products referring to this historical time. Our soap and salts tap into ancient Egyptian bathing routines too. For example, the Amandula Almond Soap is infused with almond milk known to have been favoured by Egyptians. Not to mention, our Eset Candle is a Cleopatra-esque number inspired by her love of roses and lilies, alongside Tuberosa Candle which also embraces scents she would have adored. You may have noticed by now, we are very passionate about this completely intriguing chapter of history.

Chanel, Metier’s d’Art 2019

Chanel’s recently debuted Cleopatra-inspired line was shown at New York’s Metropolitan Museum, with the late great Karl Lagerfeld. Cleverly hosted within the Temple of Dendur, this is an Egyptian monument gifted to the Met Museum over 40 years ago. Floaty white lines were mixed in with Egyptian gold tones, boasting statement jewellery galore. Meanwhile, Balmain’s SS19 Ancient Egyptian pieces even include a mummy-style bandage dress. Other nods are pyramid angles and standout hieroglyphic designs.

Balmain SS19

From Eye of Horus Necklaces to Scarab Earrings…

Back to our own take on the Egyptian style trend, with Ancienne Ambiance’s resident jeweller, Claire van HoltheAvailable in-store exclusively, we’ve collaborated with Claire to hand-craft a new collection of ‘wearable history’ including stunning jewellery such as hoop earrings with Ancient Egyptian turquoise faience Scarabs, long drop scarab beetle earrings, plus simple chain necklaces complete with faience Eye Of Horus amulets. Comprising modern gold in both 9k and 18k, prices start at £300. Items will vary in size, inscription and rarity (all ancient amulets date back over 2000 years), with other modern materials such as pearls added too.

Jeweller Claire van Holthe

Eye of Horus is a significant Egyptian symbol, depicting protection, royal power (Horus was the son of Osiris) and good health. We love the meaning behind this and are so excited for it to feature as part of the Ancienne Ambiance x Claire van Holthe SS19 Jewellery collection. Other authentic ancient artefacts in the range are scarab beetles and lotus amulets, synonymous with Egypt they often seen in faience, a type of ceramic in glorious colours like the often-seen blue green.


Beautiful pieces with an ancient ethos, stop by our Ancienne Ambiance boutique soon and explore the unique Claire van Holthe SS19 Jewellery collaboration. The perfect combination of classic, deluxe and modern, surely this is the way to embrace all things Egyptian. Encompassing timeless Ancient Egyptian styles, Claire’s divine designs will fabulously fill your jewellery box, both this season and beyond.


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