Our Standards & Ingredients

Mother nature – or Demeter, ancient Greek goddess of the earth’s fertility – provided everything the ancients needed to create effective products for beauty and wellbeing in a sustainable manner, so why change things?

Creating luxury goods that are inspired by antiquity (our brand heritage) means Ancienne Ambiance gives priority to sustainably sourced ingredients that are from natural and/or renewable resources (or are biodegradable) along with high-quality effective ingredients with the lowest hazard rating for health and environmental safety.

Individually many natural elements or ingredients may be harmful, but together they can create a beneficial and harmless product.

To give you an idea of our decision process… 

For example – there are environment concerns with Tetrasodium edta due to its slow biodegration and some people may have reservations about its safety too.  At present it seems to be the most viable preservation option (using parabens is not a route we could ever consider) we have found that has a natural root, is very safe and stable.  There are various tests that have been conducted and multiple findings that have concluded it non-irritating and it is also agreeable with the EWG’s low rating for hazard concern.

Without a safe form of preservative or anti-oxidising agent a product might look and smell absolutely fine, but could be filled with microorganisims that are very dangerous to skin and health.  What a lot of people might not know about it, is that not much is actually needed (this varies with different formulations that companies choose to use). The amount we use of Tetrasodium edta in our soap bar is extremely little (less than 1%). Without it, soaps would spoil and become rancid very quickly and the potential breeding ground for other nasties such as mould, yeast, fungus and bacteria could occur… 

If there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for health or the environment, Ancienne Ambiance will endeavour to source a safer alternative.

Ancienne Ambiance only works with suppliers that are certified by leading reputable natural or organic bodies and uses reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging.

In addition, Ancienne Ambiance does not test any products or ingredients on animals and won’t work with suppliers who do.

All Ancienne Ambiance packaging can be put into household recycling or taken to a recycling centre.