Fragrance In Antiquity

Ancient Heritage

Around 5000 years ago the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians first developed beautiful essences, resins and aromatic oils using many ingredients that are still prized in perfumery today.  From frankincense, myrrh, cedar, almond oils, rose oils and more, the ancients created scented medicines, remedies, cosmetics and incense for all to use.

The word “perfume” derives from the Latin “per fumum” (through smoke). This is because the Ancient Egyptians burnt perfumed resins as offerings to their gods.

Production and fascination with fragrance swept all over the ancient world – from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Persia, inspiring the Greeks and Romans along the way – each ancient culture creating aromatic blends and ointments and floral waters with exotic ingredients for exquisitely scented blends.

The ancient art of perfumery in antiquity was so sophisticated that archaeologists have even discovered perfectly intact scented oils in several tombs, including that of Tutankhamen.


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Fragrance Tips:

How to Apply and Wear Perfume Like a Pro

* Apply liberally to pulse points, just like Cleopatra did –  such as inside wrist, inside elbow, behind the ears, base of the neck and behind the knee

* Avoid rubbing the wrists together after application as this will cause the molecules to breakdown and the fragrance to fade

* Keep skin moisturised as it allows fragrance to last longer. (Try our award-winning Goddess Oil; “As a base for fragrance, it is incredible….you’ll find that it acts as a wonderful support but it always allows your chosen scent to dominate” –

* Spray directly on to your hair, or on your hairbrush, before brushing

* Spray onto your clothes and especially a scarf

Roman Glass Perfume Bottles

Ancient Roman Perfume Bottles, c. 2000 years old

What Is Antiquity?

‘Antiquity’ is the ancient past – the period of classical civilisations before the Middle Ages…

Learning about antiquity can be very informative, whether brushing up on ancient thoughts and philosophy or learning about current findings in archeology.

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